Jörg Albrecht live @ Aston

This week, our writer in residence at Aston, the young and electric Jörg Albrecht, hosted and participated in a number of events on and off campus.

For those who weren’t able to meet him in person, we’ve collected some impressions for you here.

On Tuesday, Jörg read excerpts from his work in the Birmingham Conservatoire.

The event was part of the Birmingham Book Festival and Jörg presented some of his work in German while having it (simultaneously) translated into English on a projection screen. The audience saw his art performed and read and translated at the same time:

On Wednesday, Jörg participated in a workshop at Aston and offered an exclusive insight into his new book, which hasn’t even been published yet! In a very entertaining and humorous manner, he read excerpts from his work and the audience was eager to listen closely to his words.

Jörg Albrecht also visited some German language and culture seminars at univerity. He enganged in discussions about Germany on more general terms but also the specific differences between everyday life in the UK and Germany today. Topics such as ‘What will life be in the future?’ were breached and we discussed different ideas on life and in the last decade, the “00-years”. A lot of ideas on contemporary life and its problems, difficulties and absurdities can already be found in Jörg’s books, but he also answered questions that were of special interest to the students.

As we have mentioned before, Jörg lives in Graz/Austria at the moment and is actively involved in Austria’s literary scene. He is currently working on his new book and also produces various theatre and radio plays.

You can get more information on him in general here: Fotofixautomat

To hear a radioplay of his, go to Phonofix or a programme (2009/BR2)

Jörg as Stadtschreiber in Graz

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