From small town to megacity – German teaching assistants 2015/2016

Welcome to the German at Aston Blog!

We are Christina and Julia, the new teaching assistants for German at Aston University and would like to introduce ourselves to everyone.

I am Christina, I come from Germany, living in a small town near Paderborn. I am studying for a Bachelor of Education with the subjects German and English and will finish my degree next year. I love reading, dancing and travelling. If I am not studying one can find me at the dance venue as I am a ballroom and Latin dancer.

I am Julia, I am 22 years old and come from Berlin but moved to Paderborn two years ago to study for a Bachelor of Education. I’m in my fifth semester, with the subjects English and Spanish. When I am not working or studying one can find me at the gym, practicing new Cheerleading routines and stunts, or enjoying nature and having a walk.

We will be giving oral and aural skills sessions, conversation classes and grammar clinics in TP1 and TP2 at Aston University and are looking forward to it. So if you are interested in having a conversation in German, please come see us in NW924.


We look forward to seeing you all,

Julia and Christina