Manner-wafers and Halloren-chocolate coming to Britain?

Last weekend more than 40 students arrived at Aston University to attend international marketing workshops given by Aston staff. Pupils from all over the country came to Birmingham and experienced a weekend full of fun and information. On Saturday morning, the weekend began with a Welcome session after which the students went into different groups depending on their language.

Five pupils joined our German workshop and did not only learn a lot about marketing and its different areas but of course got the chance to improve their language skills as the workshop was held in German. Different marketing theories such as “The four P’s” or “AIDA” were explained to give them an idea of what marketing is about.

On Sunday, the students then had to put their knowledge together by designing marketing strategies for different Austrian and German products such as Manner-wafers and Halloren chocolate bubbles. They prepared their presentations as well as TV advertisements. At the end of the day each group presented their project in front of the group as if presenting their marketing strategies to the companies that produce the products. Both groups came up with very creative ideas as well as great advertising spots. So put your hands together for the great turnout and thanks again for coming from all over the country!

The students as well as the LSS staff and all our passionate organizers had a lot of fun last weekend and enjoyed their time with the visitors.

And who knows…maybe someday we will get products such as Halloren and Manner in Britain! 🙂


The German students with our two Aston student ambassadors Hannah and Morgan.
An advert created for the marketing campaign for Manner wafers. Yum!



From small town to megacity – German teaching assistants 2015/2016

Welcome to the German at Aston Blog!

We are Christina and Julia, the new teaching assistants for German at Aston University and would like to introduce ourselves to everyone.

I am Christina, I come from Germany, living in a small town near Paderborn. I am studying for a Bachelor of Education with the subjects German and English and will finish my degree next year. I love reading, dancing and travelling. If I am not studying one can find me at the dance venue as I am a ballroom and Latin dancer.

I am Julia, I am 22 years old and come from Berlin but moved to Paderborn two years ago to study for a Bachelor of Education. I’m in my fifth semester, with the subjects English and Spanish. When I am not working or studying one can find me at the gym, practicing new Cheerleading routines and stunts, or enjoying nature and having a walk.

We will be giving oral and aural skills sessions, conversation classes and grammar clinics in TP1 and TP2 at Aston University and are looking forward to it. So if you are interested in having a conversation in German, please come see us in NW924.


We look forward to seeing you all,

Julia and Christina



How to become a fully qualified German teacher in four years

teacherFrom next academic year, Aston is offering a new undergraduate programme which combines a BSc in German, French and/or Spanish with Qualified Teacher Status within four years. After graduation, successful graduates will be able to apply immediately for modern languages teaching positions in secondary schools without undertaking a PGCE. Like all other MFL degrees at Aston, the new programme includes a fully integrated period of study abroad with extensive preparation and support offered by Aston’s award-winning placement team.

To find out more about this exciting new option for MFL students, please click here.

Midlands German Network launched at Aston in January 2015

Connecting Local Schools, Universities and Businesses

MGN logo

Graduates with German language skills are highly sought-after on the British and international labour markets. The Midlands German Network (MGN) is a university-led initiative which fosters cooperation between local schools, universities and businesses. Its aim is to make young people aware of the manifold opportunities, increase the uptake of German, and support recruitment for local employers.

The Midlands German Network will be officially launched at Aston University on January 21, 2015. This launch event will be an opportunity for networking across all three levels. Organisations represented include the German Embassy, the Goethe Institute, and UK-German Connection.

For: Secondary and Primary school teachers, pupils from Year 9 onwards; local businesses and universities, including students; anyone interested in German culture and language.

To find out more about the launch and to register for the event, please click here. Please forward details of the event to interested parties.

Registration deadline: 10 December 2014, although later registration is possible by contacting Any questions or comments should be addressed to this email address.

German Film of the Week

To kick off the New Year in style, German@Aston is introducing GERMAN FILM OF THE WEEK.
Watching foreign language feature films is an enjoyable way to practice your listening skills, learn more about other cultures and be entertained at the same time.

Students at Aston have access to foreign language dvds in our departmental video collection and in the main library. In addition, we subscribe to the streaming service Box of Broadcasts where students can access films that are shown on British Freeview and on a selection of foreign language channels. We have also made a number of off-air recordings available on our VLE.
To guide students who might now feel spoilt for choice, GERMAN FILM OF THE WEEK will each week recommend one German film that can be watched online. So have your popcorn ready, enjoying German cinema doesn’t get much easier than this!

We start this week with German-Turkish director Fatih Akin’s “Im Juli” (In July) a fast-paced road movie slash romantic comedy.
The film takes straight-laced German teacher-in-training Daniel (Moritz Bleibtreu) from Hamburg to Istanbul, in pursuit of the beautiful Melek (Idil Ăśner). Daniel has to contend with various challenges and dangerous and hilarious encounters as he makes his way through Eastern Europe accompanied by easy-going street vendor Juli (Christiane Paul), who secretly carries a torch for him. Soon Daniel finds himself a long way from home without a car, money or ID – and even his nerdy glasses have been smashed. Will he make it to the Bosphoros to meet Melek?

To give you a taste of the film, here’s the trailer

To see the full film, Aston students should log into Blackboard and go to  “LSS Undergraduate Information > German > German films to watch online > German Film of Week”.
Viel VergnĂĽgen! And don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the film by posting comments on our facebook page or on Twitter @GermanAtAston.

Learning German – Free German courses from Deutsche Welle

With the free German courses from Deutsche Welle, you can choose the learning style that suits you best: e-learning at the computer, with short videos, audio courses or podcasts, or with texts and worksheets you can print out. Select from courses for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners. German language teachers are welcome to use our multimedia material in their lessons. The Course Finder helps you choose the best format for each level.

In the ‘Deutsche Welle NEWSFEED’ section on the right hand of our German at Aston Blog, you can find latest topics about Germany.


New Sign Up Sheet for Conversation & Conversation Calendar now online!

Goldfische können nicht sprechen

First of all we wish you all a happy new year! We hope you have a good start and your exams have been alright!

Because we had so much fun working with you in TP1, we can barely wait to see you again in TP2.  For those who do not know what the Conversation Classes and the Grammar Clinic are about:

In our conversation lessons we are free to answer your questions, talk and listen to you to make use of the things you learned at school or during your studies.

The Grammar Clinic will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in NW805. You find a post box on our office  door (NX910) where you can post topics you want to discuss during the grammar clinic lessons. Or just write us an e-mail! Additionally you can use our postbox to give us some feedback or to make some suggestions for the conversation lessons. In the sessions we have enough time to focus on the things you want to discuss. No assessment or obligation at all!

So if you are interested just drop by and write your name on the NEW SIGN UP SHEET FOR CONVERSATION which you can find on our office door (NW910) directly opposite Imke’s office. So don’t hesitate and be the first one to choose your best fitting time slot. Additionally you can now have a look to the free time slots online! We will update the online calendar as often as possible. With the new calendar you can easily request an entry to a free slot via E-Mail or sign in as usual at our door.

E-Mail to Ben
E-Mail to Kira

Thank you for an outstanding TP1! We are looking forward seeing you soon!

Kira and Ben