Nachtmix: Uwe Schütte on Bavarian radio

On Saturday, April 8, our very own Uwe Schütte will be featured in Bayern 2’s famous Nachtmix series to talk about his adventures in pop music.

Follow this link to the show’s webpage.

Nachtmix, mit Karl Bruckmaier

Samstag, 08.04.2017
23:05 bis 00:00 Uhr

Bayern 2

Auf Schwarz und Weiß
Zu Gast: Der Autor Uwe Schütte

Uwe Schütte ist Germanist, hat über Elfriede Jelinek gearbeitet und bei W.G. Sebald promoviert. Doch unermüdlich ist er auch auf der Pop-Überholspur, schreibt über Musik, veranstaltet Symposien, gibt Bücher heraus – von den Mühen und Freuden des Büchermachens in Zeiten von Internet und Sparzwängen. Die Musik kommt von Kraftwerk, Laibach, Zeitkratzer, Psychic TV und Jeb Loy Nichols.

Launch of new research project on German Pop Music

This event marks the launch of a new project on German Popular music at Warwick/ Aston unis. It takes place on Wed 8th Feb, 5-7pm in the Occulus building, OC1.09. Warwick Uni Campus. No tickets. Event free. Come along!

This ia a new research intiative that seeks, through collaboration with Warwick University, to promote the serious academic treatment of German popular music and its (much underrated) cultural value and contribuiton to world culture. The topic, perhaps oddly, remains something of a blindspot within German Studies as a discipline. We start with two venerable speakers, David Pattie and Luis-Manuel Garcia.



German Pop Music. A Companion

Out now is a new book by our colleague Uwe Schütte. He has edited a collection of essays on major musical styles and bands in the history of German pop music. The contributors comprise a range of international experts on popular music from across Germany, the UK and the US.

The volume is chronologically structured: following the introduction by Uwe, it starts with a chapter on German Schlager, followed by chapters on Krautrock, German Punk, German Industrial, Techno and Rap. There is also a chapter dedicated to Kraftwerk, written by Uwe.


The survey is concluded by an interview with Diedrich  Diederichsen, the leading scholar in the field who has recently published his major study Über Pop-Musik. For more info see the publisher’s website here or order the book, reasonably priced at £18,71 from Amazon or any other online retailer.

Read an illustrated excerpt from Uwe’s chapter on Kraftwerk on the CUEPOINT music blog.

GODSTAR – Der verquere Weg des Genesis P-Orridge

Straying a little from his usual area of expertise, our colleague Uwe Schütte has published a small book on the life and artistic career of Neil Megson, better known as the extremist performance artist Genesis P-Orridge. Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 21.41.10

In the late 1960s he founded the performance group “COUM Transmissions” which later grew into the band “Throbbing Gristle” who are credited with inventing the industrial music genre. Their dissonant anti-music, played at ear-piercing noise levels, intended to question the role of entertainment in a post-Auschwitz world. Picking up on the cultural critique of Critical Theory, they disavowed all forms art or artistic activities that aim to cover up the ugliness and moral decay of modern existence.

Following the dissolution of  “Throbbing Gristle”, P-Orridge founded his new band “Psychic TV”, which dabbled in esotericism, and he even founded a sect called “Temple of Psychic Youth” in the early 198os. It was shortly afterwards that “Psychic TV” first released a single and then an entire double album with the title GODSTAR as a tribute to the late Brian Jones, founding member of the Rolling Stones, who had prematurely died in mysterious circumstances in 1969, aged 27. P-Orridge had met Jones by chance in May 1966 in a film studio on Aston Road, just a stone’s throw away from Aston University.

Uwe’s book, which extends on a  long essay written over ten years ago, traces the results this meeting had on P-Orridge and how it changed his life. More info on the book can be found in this article published by Uwe in the Austrian national paper WIENER ZEITUNG. The book was launched in Vienna on December 12 at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna and can now be ordered at the Der Konterfei website.

Uwe Schütte on Pop Music and Literary Writing

The leading German literary magazine VOLLTEXT was re-launched today with its title story written by our colleague Uwe Schütte.

SScreen Shot 2015-12-21 at 21.19.52tretching over seven pages, “Poetry + Electricity = Rock’n’Roll” takes its title from a quote by Patti Smith. The essay deals with the overlap between pop music lyrics and high-brow poetry but also looks at novels recently written by pop musicians.

You can download Uwe’s essay here.