Publication of Unterwelten – Zu Leben und Werk von Gerhard Roth

Our colleague Uwe Schütte has just published Unterwelten – Zu Leben und Werk von Gerhard Roth, a general introduction to the Austrian author Gerhard Roth who is well-known for being actively engaged in political debates.

Gerhard Roth’s literary works are primarily concerned with the fight against neglecting historical responsibility. Hence they can be read as an alternative to official historical interpretations. His work is a multilayered oeuvre that gives a voice to the persecuted, forgotten and alienated.

Unterwelten – Zu Leben und Werk von Gerhard Roth offers insights into the author’s work and demonstrates its role as an artistic tracing of the dark past. Uwe Schütte is an established expert on Gerhard Roth ever since his PhD thesis Auf der Spur der Vergessenenen – Gerhard Roth und seine Archive des Schweigens was published in 1997.

You can find more details on the book here:

A public launch of the book will take place on 15 January 2014 in the Vienna City Hall.